Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

HEBAMME II - broadcast

Last Tuesday the TV movie "Die Hebamme II" was broadcasted by Sat1 & ORF!
I was cast in a small but lovely part, "Magd Martha" (Martha, the maid)... unfortunately I wasn't able to watch the film on Tuesday night (obviously I've watched it by now :o) ) but received several texts, messages and pictures by lots of people who caught the premiere and who spotted my appearance.

This picture below was taken by my amazing friend Ina Linder. Thank you for capturing that moment! You're the best!

And again: THANK YOU MAI SECK for suggesting me for the part of Martha!
Thanks to Hannu Salonen, the whole cast&crew and MOOVIE! I've had a blast!

#lovemyjob #perioddrama #thriller #loooovelifeonset

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