Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

day 4 @ Berlinale 2013

Oh wow... so many things to do, movies to see and events to attend, and it seems that everything happens at the same time!!!!

Today started with a great discussion panel of Ver.di regarding comditions of employment/production, retirement provisions, the role of politics in the whole scenario, suggestions to solve these problems we all are facing right now and so on and on; it was actually quite informative and interesting!

As the day went on, I attended another discussion panel, which was not only interesting but furthermore absolutely inspiring! Hosted by BVC the guests (Debbie McWilliams, Ros Hubbard, Lina Todd, Donna Morong, Anne Lindberg and John Sloss) were talking about "How does an actor become "seen" in the film business and how do the actors’ talent and team develop images and careers." A huge THANK YOU to all the guest speakers for their time and their contagious enthusiasm!

In the evening you've got a choice of several parties tonight.. unfortunately I'm not able to beam myself from one place to another, so I chose to go to a party called "screeners" where filmmakers could submit their shorts and showcase their work!

After another day, full of huuuge amounts of impressions, thoughts, ideas, etc...:
Good night everyone! I'm definitely looking forward to Day 5 @ Berlinale 2013!

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