Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Day 5 & 6 @ Berlinale 2013

What a great time to be living in Berlin... Berlinale!!!!

My 5th and 6th day at the Berlinale were just as great as the days before.
Monday started out at the "producer's brunch" with a pretty interesting discussion panel regarding digital distribution, habitual buying behavior of the consumer, as well as the question what the future will bring in this area of marketing and distribution. The discussion was followed by an incredible Brunch. Yes, it is getting really hard to keep your Berlinale starting weight, when you're offered such amazing food all the time ;)
After the brunch, I attended our annual general meeting of the BFFS (which is our occupational union for actors in Germany).
Later on I went to the reception of the Austrian Fim Commission, where I had such a fantastic time, filled with laughter, interesting conversations... AND, to be honest, with a little bit of nostalgia as well.
Because the day wasn't over yet, my friends and I went to celebrate with our fellow colleagues at the BFFS DSP Party (DSP = Deutscher Schauspielerpreis = german award for actors/actresses; founded by the BFFS).
To sum up: I had an absolutely wonderful time on Monday, day 5. Thank you all!

Since day 6 I'm struggling to not give into coming down with influenza, which is, unfortunately, putting up a pretty good fight. So my 6th day @ Berlinale was a pretty quiet and lazy one; I only attended a panel discussion concerning international casting and our opportunities to break into the international market! In the evening there would've been a lot of events which I wanted to attend, but as I mentioned, the flu seemed to have different plans for me.

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